June 27, 2019 Seminar

Understanding the Diagnostic Evaluation

Percentile rank? Grade equivalent? Standard score? Scaled score? What does all of this mean? Why get tested? Who does evaluations in the Twin Cities? What’s included in one and how does it inform our instruction of the student? Join us as Annette Bruscino, presents on this topic.  Annette holds a Master's and Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. Thursday, June 27, 2019 from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

May 23, 2019 Seminar

Credentialing Information Night - Canceled

When it comes to Orton-Gillingham, it’s let the buyer beware. There’s no mandatory oversight agency to join that is vetting practitioners and monitoring quality. Join us this evening as Karen Sonday F/AOGPE, Arlene Sonday F/AOGPE and Brenda Zehnder CDT, CALP present overviews of the application processes for the national credentialing organizations: AOGPE, ALTA, IMSLEC, IDA and The Alliance. Arlene will give us some history of the roots of OG, branches that have evolved, what derivative programs are out there and where we are now.  Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 7:00pm-8:30pm.  This event was canceled due to low registration.

Game Night! (Held April 25, 2019)

We’re excited to be hosting Pam Mehlin, President of Laughing Ogre Press, publisher of fun and engaging games and teaching materials. You’ll find them appropriate for students of all ages and skill levels, whether or not they are struggling readers. The evening will be interactive and informative. You’ll get the opportunity to try her newest games as well as the classics. There will be give aways for a lucky few and swag bags for all! Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

Thea Holtan’s Thinking and Writing Process (Held January 24, February 28, March 28 2019)

Join us for a 3 part series on structured report writing for all ages. This system is appropriate for anyone and can be tailored to fit the skills of any writer from 1st grade through adult, with or without language learning difficulties.

This process is easy to learn and gives parents, teachers and students a solid strategy for any writing assignment, reducing writing frustration and anxiety at the same time.

Attendance at all 3 sessions is required. Seminars facilitated by Karen Sonday.

This series will be offered again August, September, and October.

Does teaching schwa make you nervous? (Held on September 27, 2018)

Face your fears and join us to enhance your schwa teaching strategies. Be like schwa......don't be stressed.

Word Sums? Word Matrix? (Held on August 23, 2018

Everyone is doing word investigation these days. What is it and how is it done? In this seminar, we will give an overview of one way of doing word investigation and the tools available for use. We'll also talk about the main drivers of English Orthography. English is complex but not illogical!

Function Drives Form (Held on July 26, 2018)

Why is egg spelled with two g's? Is there a reason for the "e" at the end of awe?

Were you ever told about function words and lexical words?

If not, you'll want to join us for a discussion of the difference and how this information can improve your teaching.

Why is there a "d" in Wednesday? (Held on June 28, 2018)

If "Oct" means eight, why is October the 10th month?

The names of the days and months are part of a student's school life starting in preschool. Rote learning can be ineffective and frustrating. Their rich history makes an excellent springboard for introducing morphology and etymology. It's amazing how this information engages students. Like everything we do, making words less abstract improves spelling and reading accuracy. If this is not something you are incorporating in your lessons, join us!